Czech Trains: Map, Timetable, and Tickets Booking

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About Czech Trains

With Europe's best-preserved old towns, magical castles, delicious cuisine, and mind-blowing nature, vivid Czechia promises its every guest an unforgettable experience to look back on. If you are wondering what is the smartest opportunity to take in its incomparable beauty, think about taking a train since you can not only get from point A to point B in record short times but also appreciate the incomparable views along the way!​

Serving about 194 million passengers annually, trains are among the most popular means of transportation in the Czech Republic thanks to their high-class service, a wide range of onboard amenities, and guaranteed safety during the entire journey. Various rail companies serve modern Czechia trains, but Czech Railways is the only one that covers routes through the whole country. Stretching for about 9619 kilometers (4300 miles in equivalent), the local railway web interlinks most towns and cities in the Czech Republic, making rail travel around the region easier than ever!

Types of trains in Czech

Coach Classes Onboard Czech Trains

Here is 3 main Travel classes on trains on Czech: economy class, 1st class and Business class.

The most popular RegioJet trains are capable of speeds up to 200 km/h (124 mph), making travel times very short. Each passenger can choose from six travel classes, offering varying levels of comfort during the journey. Deutsche Bahn's EuroCity trains offer several classes, including first and second class, and stop en route for no more than 15 minutes en route. Operated by Czech Railways ​Railjet train offers three classes, so travelers can select the one that best meets their budget and comfort requirements. Passengers can count on comfortable amenities, such as leather seats, complimentary WiFi, electrical outlets, and spacious luggage areas.

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Czech Railway Map

In addition to impressive punctuality and top-notch service, the Czech railway boasts an extensive destination map. Allowing adventurers to travel not only between the most significant hubs of the region, the well-developed Czech train network also connects the country with such popular tourist spots as Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Germany.

Regardless of the chosen line, you can select from several rail services and opt for one that suits your comfort preferences the most. Moreover, the Czech train timetable offers plenty of daily departures on each route, so that you can plan all your connections absolutely worry-free.

With the help of Rail Ninja booking service, you can easily check the up-to-date train schedule, learn more about the available travel classes, and book your Czech train tickets in a few clicks!

Main Czech Train Stations

Train stations are located in every Czech town and city, and are well connected so that train travel is convenient for getting from one place to another. Main Train stationa in Czech are Prague Main Station, Brno Main Station and Ostrava Main Station.

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