Berlin to Prague Trains

Traveling in Europe by high-speed train from Berlin to Prague can be a really time-saving solution. With the Berlin to Prague train, you can enjoy great amenities, spacious seats, and large panoramic windows. Take in the amazing sights in one trip and get ready to dive into the charms of Germany!
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Berlin to Prague Train Information

Train travel from Berlin to Prague typically takes 4 hours 19 minutes, covering a distance of about 236 miles (381 km).

Tickets for the trip start from $118 if booked in advance and there are 6 trains per day between Berlin and Prague.

Shortest travel time:

​4 hrs 19 min

Longest travel time:

​4 hrs 30 min

Earliest departure:


Latest departure:


It is possible to travel from Berlin to Prague by taking a high-speed train, which is a great time-saving solution when traveling around Europe. Fast bullet trains, known as EuroCity, can connect the two capitals in record time, with travel times ranging between 4 hours and 4 hours 30 minutes.
There are many beautiful sights you will not soon forget when you travel from Berlin to Prague on the train, so, if you are looking for an awesome train ride with captivating landscapes, be sure that you book this route when you are looking for a marvelous train ride.

Berlin to Prague Train Timetable

A complete train schedule from Berlin to Prague can be found in the following table, which also includes the earliest and latest train departure times,​ fastest trip durations, and the number of departures per day.

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EuroCity Express Train Dresden to Prague

Opting for a high-speed rail ride from Berlin to Prague is a brilliant solution when exploring wonders on many-sided Europe. Modern Eurocity Berlin to Prague trains provide a direct 4-hour connection between two capitals and offer great amenities onboard like cozy seats, big panoramic windows, plenty of legroom, and enough luggage area for your belongings. Plus, Berlin to Prague train schedule features at least 6 daily departures making your trip-planning absolutely worry-free. Please pay attention that there is no Berlin to Prague night train in service, and the earliest departure is at 7 in the morning.

Berlin to Prague Train Classes

A variety of train classes are available on EuroCity trains, including 1st and 2nd classes. A train's second class has two seats per row, first class has two seats per row, and some compartments have six seats per row.

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