Prague to Vienna Trains

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  • ​Prague
    ​Departure station:
    Prague Main Station

    Wilsonova 8, 110 00, Prague, Czechia

  • Arrow
    Distance by train:
    254 ​kilometers
  • Vienna

    Arrival station:

    Vienna Hauptbahnhof

    Alfred-Adler-Straße 107, 1100,

    ​Vienna, Austria

Prague to Vienna Train Information

Train travel from Prague to Vienna typically takes 4 hours 43 minutes, covering a distance of about 158 miles (254 km).

Tickets for the trip start from $25 if booked in advance and there are 10 trains per day between Prague and Vienna.

Shortest travel time:

4 hrs 43 min

Longest travel time:

​5 hrs 1 min

Earliest departure:


Latest departure:


Taking a high-speed train from Prague to Vienna is the best way to travel between the Czech and Austrian capitals. Due to the distance between Prague Vaclav Havel Airport and Vienna International Airport, traveling to and from the airports requires more time than taking a coach, making the train an excellent vacation option.
​Aside from being very scenic, the Prague to Vienna train route passes through picturesque regions in the Czech Republic and Austria. Below you will find more information about the route.

Prague to Vienna Train Timetable

If you are looking for a complete schedule of your train from Prague to Vienna, you can look at the following table which contains times of the earliest and latest train departures, fastest trip durations, and the number of departures scheduled per day.

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Prague to Vienna Train Types

Railjet Train
Austrian Federal Railways operates Railjet, a modern high-speed train that connects Austrian cities with Hungary and the Czech Republic. In order to travel from Prague to Vienna by train, Railjet high-speed trains can reach speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour (143 mph).
Regiojet Train
Getting around Central Europe has never been easier than with RegioJet trains! A pleasure to look at, these lively yellow trains are also an excellent example of high-quality and impressive speed. Providing very fast travel times, Regiojets reach the top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).

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Prague to Vienna Railway Map


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