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Railjet Economy Class

Being the basic travel category onboard, Economy Class is the most budget-friendly option onboard modern Railjet trains. Economy cars are fitted with cozy seats arranged 2 by 2 with individual folding tables, armrests, and power outlets. Apart from standard amenities, there is a well-equipped playing area for kids and facilities for travelers with special needs.

While booking your ticket, you can indicate your seat preferences as well as reserve a place for your bike. Even though meals and beverages are not included in the Economy Class ticket price, various dishes can be purchased from the onboard Railjet restaurant.
Railjet Economy Class features:

  • spacious seats
  • ample legroom
  • foldable tables
  • luggage racks for huge items
  • individual electric outlets
  • trolley service
  • kids area
  • free WiFi
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