Krakow to Prague Trains

Taking a fast and modern train is a great way to get from Krakow to Prague. Krakow to Prague trains feature comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, and generous luggage space. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views while traveling along the way through big panoramic windows.
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  • Krakow
    ​Departure station:

    Krakow Main Station

  • Arrow
    Distance by train:
    494 ​kilometers
  • Prague

    Arrival station:

    Prague Main Station

Krakow to Prague Train Information

Krakow to Prague Train Timetable

If you have a trip from Krakow to Prague in mind, taking an express train is always a good idea. Designed to offer travelers a high level of comfort, Krakow to Prague high-speed trains are fitted with everything you might need during the trip, like spacious seats, plenty of legroom, and particular luggage areas. Furthermore, train stations in both destinations are nestled close to the city center and are quickly reachable by public transport so that there is no need to spend your time on extra transfers. Unfortunately, there are no Krakow to Prague overnight trains serving the route, the only daily train departs at 10:15 AM. Please, make sure to check the actual departure schedule when booking your tickets.

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