Ostrava to Prague Trains

Taking a fast and modern train from Ostrava to Prague is one of the top options for travelers. Ostrava to Prague trains offer comfortable seats and ample legroom, as well as a generous amount of luggage space.

Ostrava to Prague Train Information

Train travel from Ostrava to Prague typically takes 3 hours 14 minute, covering a distance of about 217 miles (350 km).

Tickets for the trip start from $24 if booked in advance and there are 16 trains per day between Ostrava and Prague.

Shortest travel time:

​3 hrs 14 min

Longest travel time:

​3 hrs 44 min

Earliest departure:


Latest departure:


Sit back, relax, and let yourself get enchanted by the astonishing views passing by the outside of the train window on your way from Ostrava to Prague. All trains operating on the line provide spacious seats, ample legroom, and plenty of luggage space, promising all passengers a high comfort level during the ride.
What is more, Ostrava to Prague train schedule offers more than 20 daily departures so adventurers can easily choose the time that matches their travel plans the most.​ You can check current schedule, tickets & prices at Rail.Ninja.

Ostrava to Prague Train Timetable

Below you will find a schedule of all the train departures from Ostrava to Prague, including the earliest and latest departure times, the fastest journey times, and the number of departures per day.

*​Check the current Ostrava to Prague timetable on the website Rail.Ninja

Ostrava to Prague RegioJet High-Speed Train

Experience Central Europe's inspiring beauty with RegioJet trains! Besides being a beautiful example of quality and speed, this colorful train is also a delight to look at and is a joy to ride.
As well as fantastic onboard amenities, you will also have the pleasure of enjoying a great ride during your trip. Ostrava to Prague trains boast light and spacious carriages, while offering plenty of legroom and generous luggage space. The carriages are equipped with supportive seats and offer plenty of legroom for the passengers.

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