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Eurocity First Class

Guaranteeing an ultimate level of comfort during the entire ride, Eurocity First Class offers ample legroom, plenty of space for your luggage, as well as spacious seating, which allows you to relax and enjoy your journey to the fullest. On the majority of Eurocity trains, there is a bistro carriage, where snacks and beverages can be purchased.

If you decide to travel on a Eurocity train in First Class, apart from a wide range of useful amenities, you also get access to the private lounges at major stations as a bonus. The interior and available services may differ depending on train type.

​Eurocity First Class features:

  • ergonomic leather seats
  • adjustable leg- and backrests
  • generous legroom
  • large folding tables
  • individual reading lights
  • electric outlets
  • restaurant service
  • free WiFi

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