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Traveling from Prague to Berlin by high-speed train is one of the best ways to make the trip from Czech Republic to Germany. The Prague to Berlin train offers complimentary WiFi access as well as a trolley service or the train's restaurant car where passengers may purchase snacks and drinks.

Prague to Berlin Train Information

Train travel from Prague to Berlin typically takes 4 hours 17 minutes, covering a distance of about 236 miles (381 km).

Tickets for the trip start from $118 if booked in advance and there are 7 trains per day between Prague and Berlin.

Shortest travel time:

​4 hrs 17 min

Longest travel time:

​4 hrs 37 min

Earliest departure:


Latest departure:


Prague to Berlin is one of the most excellent ways to travel between the Czech Republic's capital and the German capital, and a high-speed train is one of the greatest ways to do so. The German Deutsche Bahn operates modern and comfortable trains called EuroCity, which are operated by the company that operates the trains. These trains offer two classes of travel, 1st and 2nd, up to six departure times per day.
Travel by train between Prague and Berlin and discover the magnificence of the Czech Republic and Germany. Enjoy the breathtaking views and breathtaking scenery. Check the schedule and book your trip now!

Prague to Berlin Train Timetable

Check the following table to find the complete Prague to Berlin train schedule, including departure times, fastest trips, and number of departures per day.

*​Check the current Prague to Berlin timetable on the website Rail.Ninja

Prague to Berlin Train Types

Wondering how to combine charming Prague and vibrant Berlin in one itinerary? Then consider hopping on a direct Regiojet or Eurocity Prague to Berlin train, which is noted by passengers for its saturated schedule and fast travel times.
To get from one destination to another by rail, travelers have to cover the distance of 381 kilometers (237 miles), thus Prague to Berlin train time is just 4 hours! When booking your tickets, you can choose the type of train, travel category, as well as indicate your seat preferences.

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