Popular trains in Czechia


Best Trains in Czechia Overview

Length of rail tracks in Czechia:
9 619 km
Types of train services in Czechia:
regular & high-speed
Fastest train speed of Czech trains:
​230 kph
Number of
served routes:
Regiojet Train
​RegioJet trains are the most convenient way to travel across Central Europe! If you're traveling by train between major cities in the Czech Republic or Vienna, Regiojet is your best option. Why the best? Give us a moment to explain. RegioJet offers the exclusive comfort of train seats, polite and ever-friendly staff, and a neat ambiance. Moreover, the stations are equipped with excellent shops where you can buy souvenirs. And you can also have a snack in cafes located near the station. As you know, the train stations are located in the city center, which allows you to explore the top attractions within walking distance!​
Railjet Train
Providing quick and convenient connections between many popular destinations in Czechia and beyond, the Railjet is a top choice for travelers in Europe. Running at a speed of 230 km/h (143 mph), these modern trains are noted for short travel times and excellent service. There are three travel classes to select from (Second Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class). All cars are fitted with cozy seats, power outlets, luggage racks, and free WiFi.​
Eurocity Train
Served by Deutsche Bahn, EuroCity bullet trains are famous as one of the favorite travel options among adventurers thanks to saturated schedule and high-class amenities in all cars. Based on your preferences and budget, you can choose between the First and Second coach classes. In addition to a wide selection of onboard amenities, the majority of EuroCity trains boast a restaurant car where various dishes and beverages can be purchased.​
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