Prague to Pilsen Trains

Prague to Pilsen can be reached by train, a fast and modern mode of transportation. Trains between Prague and Pilsen feature comfortable seats, ample legroom, and plenty of luggage space. The views along the way are breathtaking through the big panoramic windows. ​
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  • Prague
    ​Departure station:

    Prague Main Station

  • Arrow
    Distance by train:
    100 ​kilometers
  • Pilsen

    Arrival station:

    Pilsen Train Station

Prague to Pilsen Train Information

Prague to Pilsen Train Timetable

It is possible to travel from Prague to Pilsen by train, which is a fast and modern method of transportation. A variety of travel classes are available, travel times are fast (about 1.5 hours), there is an extensive schedule, and there are up to 23 departures per day, so all high-speed trains between the cities offer passengers everything they might need. In addition, there are great onboard amenities. There are plenty of luggage racks and comfortable seating on the trains from Prague to Pilsen. Through the large panoramic windows, you can enjoy breathtaking views.

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