Berlin Train Station

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Berlin Main Train Station

Classified as a Category 1 station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Berlin central station is the most significant and densely packed transportation joint for all railway traffic in the city. 14 platforms of the complex accommodate cross-border, regional, and S-Bahn trains on a daily basis.

What is more, Berlin main railway station is advantageously located just a 10-15 minute walk from worldwide famous Berlin symbols as Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate so that you can start exploring local attractions right upon arrival. Plus, the striking architectural style of the complex deserves to be appreciated as well. Thanks to the enormous glass roof, the building is roomy and always full of delicate daylight.

Berlin Central Train Station Overview

What to find at the station?

Promising all guests an enjoyable experience, the modern Berlin railway hub offers countless conveniences for passengers:

  • Luggage lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • Waiting areas
  • Ticket offices
  • Various restaurants and cafes
  • ATMs and currency exchange
  • Information center
  • 30-minute free WiFi access

How to get to the station?

Berlin railway station boasts a really convenient location and is an integral unit of the local public transport system.

  • Metro: Berlin Hauptbahnhof is served by line U5, running from the station to Hönow, the village in Brandenburg

  • Tram: right near the station, you can find a tram stop which is a part of routes M5, M8, and M10

  • Bus: travelers can get to the station by hopping on the bus following lines M41, M85, 120, 123, 142, 147, 245, N20, N40

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FAQ: Berlin Central Railway Station

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