Prague to Budapest Trains

Prague to Budapest train is one of the most convenient ways to travel between the capitals of Czechia and Hungary. Taking the train from Prague to Budapest takes about 6 hours 25 minutes, but the trip goes quickly as the train is modern, well-equipped, offers comfortable seats and excellent service.
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Prague to Budapest Train Information

Train travel from Prague to Budapest typically takes 7 hours 8 minutes, covering a distance of about 275 miles (443 km). Tickets for the trip start from $32 if booked in advance and there are 8 trains per day between Prague and Budapest.

Shortest travel time:

7 hrs 8 min

Longest travel time:

​9 hrs 46 min

Earliest departure:


Latest departure:


Thinking about including capitals of Czechia and Hungary in your Europe sightseeing itinerary? Even though Prague to Budapest train time is around 6 hours, the ride literally flies by thanks to high-class onboard service, comfortable amenities, and awe-inspiring sceneries catching your eye during the trip. High-speed trains depart from the central Prague train station, named Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, and arrive at the central Budapest train station, named Keleti. This is very helpful since it is easy to access all of the most important sights of Budapest.

Prague to Budapest Train Timetable

If you are looking for a complete schedule of your train from Prague to Budapest, you can look at the following table which contains times of the earliest and latest train departures, fastest trip durations, and the number of departures scheduled per day.

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EuroCity Express Train Prague to Budapest

If you are planning on extensively traveling throughout Europe by train, you are more likely to use EuroCity bullet trains which are the most popular long distance trains on international routes between Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Denmark, and Switzerland, among many others.
EuroCity trains have air conditioning, comfortable seats, as well as spaces for passengers' luggage along the length of the train cars. The majority of trains have a restaurant car or a bistro car where passengers can purchase food and drinks during the trip and there are trolleys with snacks available as well.
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Prague to Budapest Train Classes

There are several different train classes to select from on EuroCity trains, including 1st and 2nd class. Generally, in the second class, there are two seats to a row, in the 1st class, there are two seats to a row and, on some trains, there are compartments with six seats each.

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Prague to Budapest Railway Map


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