Budapest Main Train Station

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Budapest Railway Station

Founded in 1884, Budapest Keleti, or Eastern railway station, is the primary gateway to Hungary's capital as well as the most loaded transportation joint in the country. According to statistics, about 410 trains arrive and depart from the station daily!

Designed by Janos Feketehazy and Gyula Rochlitz, the building itself represents a graceful example of eclectic style. The front of the Budapest Keleti station is embellished with two statues portraying James Watt and George Stephenson, who are famous for their incredible inventions. As you enter the complex, you also have a fantastic opportunity to marvel at magnificent frescos created by Karoly Lotz.

Budapest Central Railway Station Overview

What to find at the station?

After its modernization, Budapest Main train station has everything you may need while waiting for your upcoming departure, featuring such handful amenities as:

  • Several shops and a supermarket
  • Coin-operated luggage lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • Waiting areas
  • Ticket offices
  • Various restaurants and cafes
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Information center

How to get to the station?

You can quickly reach the station via:

  • Metro: Since the Budapest Keleti complex features an underground station, opting for the metro is definitely a wise choice when arranging your transfers. The station is served by trains operating on the lines M2 (red line) and M4 (green line)

  • Bus: buses 7, 73, 173, and 7E interlink Budapest Keleti with the city center

  • City trains: S9 and S45 city trains depart directly from Budapest Main railway station

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FAQ: Budapest Central Train Station

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