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Eurocity Express Train Overview

Eurocity (or EC) is a category of cross-border rail services operating within the European train web. Noted for short travel times, trains make stops for no more than 5 to 15 minutes and offer an extensive departure schedule on each route.

Eurocity travelers can choose from two classes: Standard Class and First Class. Regardless of the class, all cars are air-conditioned and equipped with convenient amenities like comfortable seats, electric power sockets, clean bathrooms, ample legroom, and luggage areas. What is more, Eurocity train staff speaks at least two languages, one of which must be English, German or French.

Another perk of opting for Eurocity is the fact that there are no additional check-in procedures except basic ticket and passport control. Thus you won't spend any extra minute of your vacation time waiting in queues.

​It goes without saying, the geography of Eurocity routes is quite impressive. These renovated trains provide regular connections between France, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Denmark, meaning that you can effortlessly plan a multi-country trip and check off a few destinations from your bucket list at once. To learn more about the most popular Eurpcity routes in the Czech Republic and beyond, click the button below and start planning your unforgettable rail adventure!

Eurocity Travel Classes

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